Monday, June 13, 2011

We Got A Bleeder!

I guess this comes with the territory. This awful, most humiliating phenomenon called a nose bleed. We're cruising along on our flight back to DFW from Mobile (shout out to American Eagle for direct flights), I'm dominating another level of Tower Madness on my iPad after finishing off my complimentary Dr Pepper (there's no "." in Dr, look it up), and next thing I know Courtney is throwing all her thank you cards in my lap and taking any napkins she can scrounge up, including mine from my Dr Pepper. Her face was gushing blood so bad we had to get a transfusion right there on the plane. It looked like a war zone. Well, maybe the cold war.

Apparently nose bleeds are common amongst pregnant folk. Courtney's general wellness has been strong so far, so small episodes like this are as extreme as it gets for us. Obviously, that's a good thing, but experiences like this really humanize the process. There's something in that big little belly that wants out...and with a name like Maximus, I'm certain he'll slice his own way out, a la Chuck Norris, if he gets impatient.

Location:30,000 feet above sea level

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