Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Appointments, appointments, and more appointments. It is as though I am always skipping out of work to wait around the doctor's office for a routine exam. On May 18th, I had my third trimester tests which included a nice sugary beverage and a blood exam an hour later. Results were provided on Friday informing me that I will have to come back in the following week for a 3hr glucose exam. Lucky me ... I got 4 arm pricks and an ultra sugary drink on an empty stomach on May 24th. But in all seriousness, as all my family knows I was terrified that the test results would come back stating I had gestational diabetes. On May 26th the test results came back NORMAL. Best day in a LONG time! Now we are at today (June 1st) where I had another doctor's appointment but this time with my new physician Dr. Gunby. He came highly recommended from our doula (birthing coach). He had all positive news (which was great for once) ... baby is head down, heartbeat is good, and that he was born in Birmingham. Okay so the last piece of information isn't necessary for the delivery of my baby, but it definitely made me smile knowing that my new doc was born in the same awesome state as me. Overall, great doctor's visit. Max even thought so as well. He gave the doc a nice kick when the doppler was put on my belly. Next appointment is in 2 weeks, scheduled for June 15th.

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