Monday, August 10, 2015

We've got a writer

Max was up late one night this weekend with Tyler and I. He made reference to putting his name on his puzzle box so we said "you do it."  Max paused then agreed when we said he could do it. We handed him a sharpie and made him do a trial run on a piece of paper. No tracing, just 100% left handed Max and this is what we got. I personally am thrilled. He had everything going against him ... Late night, sharpie (that we told him not to get on his skin, which freaked him out a bit), no lines on the paper, and he had to do it from memory. Such a proud mommy!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Public Service Vehicle Day

Today is Friday. In our neighborhood, that means it's one of Max's favorite days of the week. In the summer, it's splash day at school AND show and tell, which he absolutely loves. But even more than that, he loves the garbage man. For once, they came kinda early this time so Max got to see him across the street. I decided to stick around after I saw Max camped out on our utility box out front by the sidewalk. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm waiting for the garbage man." Well, ok then. Let's wait for the garbage man, I decided. I went inside to get his camera and he got some stellar action shots. Just take a look for yourself!
Rookie. That's not you take a selfie.

There we go! That's more like it!!

"I take a picture of my ear!"

That's not all, folks. He was just warming up (literally and figuratively). The garbage man did in fact finally make the loop around. We could hear him getting closer to our house with each extension of its giant claw. Sure enough, he finally made the last turn and Max was right there to capture it in all its glory! Behold...The Claw!

 He was ecstatic! So much so that he almost forgot to take the pictures. Luckly, Dad was right there to remind him. My favorite part of looking at these kinds of pictures is that it's so easy to see that it's taken from only 3 feet off the ground, unlike most photos that are taken around 6 feet off the ground. The truck left, to which Max said, "Bye bye garbage man!" I put the camera in my pocket and we were off to school for splash day.

And just when you thought that was enough, a Murphy Police Officer pulled over some lady on the road across the street from his school as I was getting Max out of his carseat. One beef I've had with Texan drivers is that when they get pulled over, they don't pull over all the time; especially on 4-lane roads with little traffic. They stop in the middle of the road, or at least in this instance in the left lane. Who does that?? Texans, that's who. So the nice police officer got on her built-in riot-grade megaphone to tell the car to pull over to the right side of the road. Naturally, the driver pulled into the pathway of the median like she was turning into his school, to which the officer again asked the driver to pull out of the road. And so the driver pulling into the main driveway of the daycare (it's like a one-way loop that you pull through). And again, the police officer requested "Ma'am, please pull all the way though. You are blocking all traffic." It was really quite comical. I could tell the officer was as confused as I as to why this driver had no idea what the hell they were doing. It's probably safe to assume that if they don't know how to park then they were probably guilty of whatever they were being pulled over for. Anywho, Max was on the sidewalk listing to the officer's megaphone instructions and I gave him his camera that was in my pocket still. He saw the police car pull up to us started taking pictures of the police car with its lights on at HIS school, as if she came to see him. The officer was very nice (to us) and was smiling and waving at Max as he took a few pictures (working in TV, I've learned you never say you're going to "shoot the officer" or "shoot the President"; it could get taken out of context very easily) of her pulling through the pre-school driveway. Needless to say, we had a very exciting morning before school.

You can actually see the officer waving at Max in this one.