Monday, July 28, 2014


Errands with mommy aren't too bad when you get to see the Oscar Mayer  Wienermobile up close and personal. We stopped by the grocer (2nd grocer of the day, to be exact) and there it was at the entrance. We didn't even make it all the way into the parking lot when Max began to squeal in excitement. I know he had zero clue what it was but he knew it looked like fun. My friend Kate reminded me that I've seen the Wienermobile a few times in my life, let's call that luck or maybe it just stalks me.

Max became a bit disappointed when he realized it was just a bonafide trophy vehicle for picture taking thus his face of excitement below. He perked up though when he got the infamous whistle. 
With the TX heat on him, he was a hot dog/boy

They also gave us a sticker which I very lightly placed on his back without him knowing. It was great to see him surprised by people asking if he saw the Wienermobile. He was definitely a bit confused and gave the whole "how did you know" look when people asked. And his look could have easily been "are you referring to that weird car I couldn't touch at the grocery store?" 
Sneaky Mommy

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Typical night

Max and his bestie Harrison hanging out like they always do. 
Setting new fashion standards together
We are truly blessed to have such great neighbors and live the dream of our kids growing up with close friends near by. 
Nothing is more fun than jumping off the electric box
Can't wait till we will start having photos of Hadley & Camille playing in the front yard together. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

We started celebrating the 4th with a little pre-party cake on Thursday night complete with candles (football themed, of course) and singing of "Happy Birthday to America."  Tyler was a sucker at the grocery store with Max when he saw the red, white, and blue cake.

The morning of the 4th, the first words out of Max's mouth was "you are both here." It felt like a little stab in the heart but made me really want to spend some good quality family time together over the three day weekend putting all errands aside. We got the kiddos dressed in their patriotic gear and headed to Highland Park for the parade/festival. Max and Mommy went to the parade the previous year and had a blast so it was a must-do again this year. 
Not even a parade will interrupt
Cam's beauty rest 

Following the festival we went home for a group/family nap. After we were rested, Tyler had a special treat in store for Max ... a slipping slide. Tyler was right that Max was ready.  

Max loved it!

Camille did not!

We hope you had as great of a 4th as we did.