Sunday, June 8, 2014

Potty Time, Excellent!

Max is officially out of diapers! We started down the ONLY undies path on Memorial Day.  Max wasn't ready (by book standards) but I think the kid would have never been ready if it were up to him. Once we started the 3 day program, I was ready to give up at hour 3. Max should be thankful his more patient father was home. I know I was thankful. 
First day back at school following 3 day program - NO ACCIDENTS

Most of you are aware we started potty training, as you may have been on the "I went potty" bragging call list. We also went all out with toys, stickers, fun undies, candy, and special trips for ice cream. Whatever did the job! Lucky for us the only thing he expects is a sticker for his chart and all the initial incentives are a thing of the past. And occasionally I still reward him for a full day of no accidents at school because this mom wants to celebrate too! 
Big toy = Poo Poo in Potty

Potty training is expensive (even excluding rewards) with all the undies, Clorox wipes for flying boy pee, potty seats that he used for an extremely short period of time, matress covers / extra sheets, plastic shoes (ie ugly crocks) for school, and a host of other products that make our life easier but aren't necessary (flushable wipes, potty covers for public bathrooms, car seat waterproof pad.) I am also thankful for my cloth diaper knowledge during this process. Our house always has Rocking Green detergent on hand which is our saving grace for pee/poo soaked clothes. 
Showing off his sticker collection - so proud!

We have had some frustrations along the way. For instance, what ruins nap time better than a bout of IBS from CiCi's pizza?! That would be 7 trips to the potty which is not exaggerated since I have the stickers to prove it. I couldn't be upset because he was recognizing he had to go. Although we missed a nap, I at least wasn't having to soak undies and hose him down because we were going IN THE POTTY!  We still have our occasional accidents but they are few between and he seems to be doing better at school than at home. It's pretty rewarding as a parent to hear teachers commend you on your training skills. Now to get Cami potty trained ...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trip to Bama - Part 3

What trip to Alabama would not be complete without a little fishing. Max, Tyler, and Boompa went out for a boat ride and then did a little fishing off the pier.
Tyler said Max was a pro in casting.  He must take after his mommy.
Tyler said the boat ride was a success and that Max loved it but all I heard about from Max was the fishy he caught. I am so glad that Max is getting to experience a little bit of what makes our childhood home so special, and soon so will Cami. 
Boompa & Max
Max got so into fishing that he was even watching it on tv with Boompa. We might need to sign this kid up for the junior rodeo (that's fishing rodeo for all you Texans). 
Max enjoying bass fishing.
Cami was not as entertained by the fishing on tv.
At the Faison house we enjoyed the theater room and all the doggie action. At one point in our trip there were 5 dogs staying at MiMi and Papa's along with all of us kids. 
Faison size bowl of popcorn
Papa with the pups
Papa & Cami

We wrapped up the trip with a celebration of me turning the Big 3-0! Tyler & Kate threw Laura and I a surprise birthday party. *Laura and I have celebrated our birthday together every year (minus 1) since 2003.* It was a definite surprise and I was in shock throughout the entire party.

Shocked with the fact that Kate and Holly love me enough to fly in from Charlotte and Denver, Tyler could plan and keep it a secret (probably helped that he was traveling with Catfish and then we had a baby right before the event), and that I am that lucky to have such thoughtful friends and family.

The party was perfect in that it had old friends (some of which I haven't seen since our wedding in 2006) and was filled with lots of life memories (thanks to Kate). Oh and did I mention it was 80s themed and Tyler had my favorite childhood birthday cake there (Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip cake). Everything was a huge hit with Max from all the cake and balloons to the jumpy house. Max still thinks every birthday cake is for mommy's birthday and all presents are for Camille, it's been over a month now. Little does the kid know that the next big event will be his birthday where the cake and presents will be all for him. 

High School friends
Holly, Courtney, Laura, & Kate

Trip to Bama - Part 2

Other than having Camille meet the family, we also took her home to be baptized in the same church that we were married and Max was baptized.
Rev. Thack Dyson holding Cami
St. Paul's Episcopal Daphne, Alabama
Cami's godmother is Nicole Pierce (or Miss Cole to Max), our dear friend that we have known since our days in Tuscaloosa. 
Nicole and Camille
Camille wore the gown and bonnet that I came home from the hospital in (30 years ago.) After the ceremony, we gathered at B and Boompa's for a meet/greet and cake.
Camille Daphne Faison
Baptized May 18, 2014

3 generations

Elli & Melissa came down from b'ham

Faison clan

All the Faison girls (with their name starting with a "C")