Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trip to Bama - Part 2

Other than having Camille meet the family, we also took her home to be baptized in the same church that we were married and Max was baptized.
Rev. Thack Dyson holding Cami
St. Paul's Episcopal Daphne, Alabama
Cami's godmother is Nicole Pierce (or Miss Cole to Max), our dear friend that we have known since our days in Tuscaloosa. 
Nicole and Camille
Camille wore the gown and bonnet that I came home from the hospital in (30 years ago.) After the ceremony, we gathered at B and Boompa's for a meet/greet and cake.
Camille Daphne Faison
Baptized May 18, 2014

3 generations

Elli & Melissa came down from b'ham

Faison clan

All the Faison girls (with their name starting with a "C")

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