Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trip to Bama - Part 1

We made it to Alabama to show off Cami. We have had many adventures and experiences along the way.

Camille has been growing up before our eyes. At one month, she is officially out grown newborn clothes and is starting to talk.

Max has been experiencing new things from the beach to riding Papa's lawn-mower. 
Building sand castles at Fort Walton Beach
Helping PaPa mow the lawn

We spent some time in Florida visiting Max's godmother (Laura), Robert, and Mark. It was great getting to see their new home and our boys play together. 
Max & Mark
Cami being inspiration for Daddy

We are playing hard and the trip isn't even complete.
Lucy makes a great seat-back
Max got into Uncle Adam's tractors
Max's Ellie went for a ride in the tractor

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