Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love The Zoo

Featuring your tour guide, Maximus
 We got a membership to the Dallas Zoo from MiMi and PaPa (Tyler's parents) for Christmas and decided to put it to good use. The family sans me has already gone this year since I've been working out of town, but it was perfect weather so we couldn't resist. Here are some highlights, including how much Max has grown since his first visit.

Various species of monkeys were a highlight, as were the elephants. Mille seemed most interested with the penguins. She was eye level with those little guys. It was the perfect Valentine's Day trip. We are definitely looking forward to many more visits this year.

May 2013 - 2.75 years old
February 2015 - 3.5 yrs old

Friday, February 6, 2015

Playdate Fun!

Maximus had a play date with his friend Maddy last weekend. It was rainy so the kiddos had to stay inside. Maddy was the perfect hostess from picking out the snacks of chocolate covered strawberries and mini chocolate cupcakes to selecting a gender neutral "arts and crafties" project (apparently she wanted to make jewelry initially).
As with all play dates, Max was super excited to play with someone else's toys. He took a particular liking to Maddy's Barbie RV. I have to admit it was super cool. Max just wanted to arrange it and set it all up when Maddy wanted to actually play Barbie.

Classic toddler hide and seek location

Camille was in heaven too as she was surrounded by girl toys which is something we are lacking at our house.