Friday, April 17, 2015

Easy as ABC

The spotlight turned onto Max yesterday as I was finally able to catch one of his songs on video. I present to you this fabulous rendition of The Alphabet Song by MaXman. He chose it, not me :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the Easter company

This Easter we had family visiting. Uncle Hayden and Aunt Salmon (Samantha) came for an extended weekend. Upon their arrival Friday afternoon, we took them to a community egg hunt (40,000 eggs just laying in the field) which gave them the opportunity to hear and see Max's obsession with them.  As Max puts it ... "eggs are filled with all kinds of stuff like candy, toys, and stickers!"  On Saturday, we had a blast riding the train, going to the zoo, and eating bbq at Pecan Lodge. Sunday was spent eating a ham dinner and sticking around the house since it was a rainy spring day. During the rain break in the evening, Aunt Salmon and Uncle Hayden went out back and hid some eggs for Maximus which was to his delight.

Max & Camille on Good Friday.  Camille is wearing the same gown that I was baptized in 30 years prior.

Max got his cookie monster play-doh kit that he has been wanting for months.  

Camille's favorite item ... her food pouches.  The Easter Bunny knows her well.