Friday, October 31, 2014

Half Birthday for Camille

Our baby girl is 6 months old. Since I am behind on my blog posts, I get to update you on how well Camille is into eating solids and grabbing at all non-toy items. This girl keeps us on our toes.

Camille took a little bit of time to get convinced that solid food was what all the cool kids eat. She was not a fan of the rice cereal at first and her expression was priceless every time the spoon entered her mouth. I mixed it with breastmilk so it shouldn't have tasted so bad but Camille wasn't having it. And when Camille isn't having it, the whole neighborhood knows! That girl is opinionated and vocal (like her momma). We then introduced butternut squash, bananas, avocados, and peas to her list. Bananas are her favorite like her brother. And Max isn't too thrilled that another member in the house is depleting his banana stock. 

The conversation went like this ... 
Max: I want a banana today
Mommy: Oh, we are all out. Mommy will get some at the store
Max: No, I saw some yesterday
Mommy: Yes, but Camille ate it
Max: What?! That's Max food. I want a banana now! Why did Camille have to eat my banana?
Mommy: It's everyone's bananas
Max: Why?

And that sums up where we are in Max's life stage ... The dreaded WHY that gets asked 20+ times a day. 

Here are a few photos from Camille's pediatrician appointment on the 17th:
It's my birthday, I get to destroy paper!
Take that paper
Now I will swim in a sea of paper
Mmmm, paper

Monday, October 6, 2014

Best big brother

Early morning love
There are no posing shots in our family. The love between Max and his Mille is real. Every morning Max wants to know where she is and if she is sleeping. If she is awake then you can add an additional 10 minutes to your morning routine as he has to do a little jig and repeat multiple times "good morning Millie" to make her smile which she does every time.  He has asked to take her to show & tell, and wants to know why she can't go to school with him.  Will he always be this infatuated with her ... lets hope so.
If you remember from blog posts before, Camille moved in my belly most when I was around Max.  I believe she loves him as much as he loves her. 
Playing together at 4 months

Max is smitten
Max always asked to hold his baby sister
Giving Mille one of his stuffed animals in the morning.
Camille's first time in the cart.  He was so excited for her.
Holding onto her as we crossed bumps.
More morning love
Always trying to make her feel better
Mille showing her love with a slobbery kiss
Nap times are the best when spent together.
*Note my arm separates them and Camille retreated to her bed following the pic*