Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another month has gone by ...

Max is 7 months old tomorrow.  I can't believe another month has gone by so quickly.  It was beautiful here in Dallas today so Max got dressed in his spring overalls and we took some pictures outside.
In the last month Max has been introduced to a variety of foods.  We start a new food every 4 days. We started with butternut squash which is still his favorite to date. We then tried a fruit ... bananas.  Lesson learned he preferred them not lumpy.  I then introduced peas, applesauce, yogurt, and then today he started avocados.  I was sure he was going to love avocados as much as mommy.  I ate them a lot while pregnant plus I envisioned us sharing one at a restaurant because every place in Texas has avocados.  Unfortunately he didn't take to them as well as I hoped.  He wasn't completely against them but he sure didn't respond as well as he did with all the other food we introduced to him.  We still have not come close to him mastering the art of holding his own sippy cup or even his bottle.  He is his father's son.  Max looks at me when I try to get him to hold his cups as if I am making him do manual labor.  The kid holds back his arms when you put it to his mouth.  There is no drive to assist or help, but we love him.  I just keep reminding myself how fast this is all going and that if he wants me to hold his drink then I will because one day he won't.

We get closer to him crawling with every day.  I feel like it was when we thought he was just about to roll over ... two months later he did. So I am just expecting the same pace for the crawling milestone but with every day comes progress.  He at least knows that he needs to lift his shoulders off of the floor which was the hardest part for him to understand.  Max likes to scare mommy by laying face down into the floor, bed, etc. I thought he would never grasp that you have to lift that heavy brain mass to go anywhere.  

Another interesting fact, he is a baby that loves textures.  I've seen little hints here and there but Nicole's mom brought it more to my attention 2 weeks ago.  Now I notice it more and more.  He likes to feel items till he falls asleep.  For instance, he rubs the sheets or scratches the playpin walls.  My favorite was when he fell asleep petting Lucy a few nights ago.  It was the sweetest moment.  Lucy's soft coat and ears are his favorite item to touch.  Once he can talk, I have a feeling he will be like his daddy and voice his opinion about the requirement that his clothes and sheets be super soft.  Maybe it is a ginger thing.

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