Friday, March 2, 2012

6 month checkup

Yesterday I took Max to see his doctor for his 6 month checkup and vaccines. Here is little man after his shots and blood drawn He really is a trooper which makes it a lot easier on me. The doc said he was the perfect weight and had good iron levels in his blood. He also mentioned that Max would tripod sit soon. Well doc we have been there done that milestone. Max is too interested in being a part of the action to just lay around. He likes to sit up like a big boy every chance he gets.

Love those rosy cheeks! Although he didn't cry with the shots, I knew he didn't care for it when his face got bright red. His whole face turns red when he gets mad or is concentrating on taking a poo.

Height - 27in. (75 percentile)
Weight - 18.5lbs (65 percentile)

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