Monday, August 1, 2011

Breaking records

I always said that I would never be pregnant in the Texas summer and now look at me.  When I calculated the due date of Mr. Max, I told everyone that this summer would be record breaking just because I always said I would never be pregnant in the summer.  Tyler said I was jumping on my conclusion mat a little too early to be predicting in January that we would have a record breaking heat wave.  But I was right all along ... here is a quote from today's Dallas Morning News:

"It turns out that summer was just getting warmed up.  After a month of triple-digit heat in DFW, temperatures are expected to hit 107 or 108 for the next three days, triggering an excessive heat warning."

"At 30 days and counting, the current heat wave is the second-longest triple-digit streak in Dallas history."

Reading this article just makes me want a popsicle and to sit under a fan with my A/C on 66.  Fair warning to the soon-to-be-grandparents when you come visit ... it is HOT!!!


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