Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby Luncheon at work

On Thursday, all the lovely ladies at my office threw me a baby luncheon.  It was so perfect and elephant themed from the invite, books, napkin rings, and grey/white m&ms.  It was great to get to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Mr. Max with all of them.  I think they all agreed that getting the ladies together for lunch needs to happen more often.  ;)  
Thanks again for a wonderful luncheon .... Elizabeth, Jody, Tiffany, Joey, Erin, Ashley, Adrienne, Jessica, Sarah, Jill, and Susan.

Baby update:  Max and I went in for our weekly checkup on Wednesday.  Things started off not so good with a high blood pressure reading of 130/100.  After laying on my left side in the examining room, we were able to get my pressure to normal.  The doctor put me on partial bed rest which means stop thinking you are invincible and slow down.  So I am laying on my left side for more than half of the day however I have the freedom to be up and about for a couple hours at a time before I need to lay back down.  I saw the doctor again today (Saturday) where my pressure reading was better but still not excellent.  He did notice that my swelling had decreased significantly.  I guess that is what happens when you aren't in this heat and laying down in a 65 degree house with the fan running at all times.  *Sometimes I feel like Father of the Bride II, soon Tyler will be wearing a coat and mittens in the house like Steve Martin.*  The good news from today's doctor visit is that he is not going to induce me like originally thought on Wednesday.  We will see him on Wednesday and see how things progress.  As of right now Max is no where near ready to make his debut (too much like his father, just chillin').

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