Sunday, April 17, 2011

Proud to announce we are expecting ...

Tyler and I are proud to announce that we are expecting a baby boy to be named Max. We are all (including the reigning princess Lucy) really excited to have a boy join the family. I've already started looking at all the little clothes and toys. I'm looking forward to having a momma's boy.
Our little one who is the size of a width of paper (8.5 inches from head to rump) loves to kick/jab in the afternoon. We have finally entered the stage in the pregnancy where Tyler can feel little Max's movements. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow to hear the heartbeat and do a weight check (of me).


  1. Max Faison - cute! Glad you guys found a name. It's exciting that Tyler can feel him now, too. I hope you're still feeling pretty well, Courtney!

    -Laura Ingram


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