Friday, March 25, 2011


I haven't had any weird cravings like pickles and ice cream mixed together; at least not yet. But when I feel like I want something, I need it right then. This baby has me craving food that I don't normally eat like bean burritos from Taco Bell. As Tyler knows, I don't eat Taco Bell. But apparently Tyler's baby does. I'm posting this blog as I sit back and enjoy this week's craving ... carrots. I have had so many carrots in the last week that this baby should have x-ray vision. I prefer this craving way more than the bean burrito one.

There has been one craving has stayed throughout my entire pregnancy ... fried chicken and french fries. I can eat that for any meal. I guess I get that one from my dad. As my family knows, my dad HAS to have fried chicken when he goes on road trips. So far I have enough control power (as of right now) to limit myself to this craving twice a week at the most. Now my bread craving, that is a different story.

Next week is the cruise where I get to see what crazy food I crave while I am on a boat. Happy eating everyone!

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  1. Your blog-viewing public demands more pregnancy posts! =)


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