Sunday, March 6, 2011

Time flies by, maybe a little too fast.

As much as I want the time to fly by so that I can soon learn the sex of our little one and then meet him/her face to face. I was reminded this weekend that maybe I shouldn't wish for such things. This Saturday was Olivia Kate's first birthday.
I met her mom Jessica my first year in TX when we both worked for Deloitte. She had this beautiful baby last year and it was a definite reminder that time moves WAY too fast these days. I can remember very vividly where I was when Jess texted me she was at the hospital. I remember cooking food and dropping it by their house when they were home from the hospital. I can remember holding little Olivia for the first time. She was so tiny and petite like her momma. I also remember being Jessica's helper one day in August when I was between jobs. Olivia didn't even crawl then and slept in her baby carrier half the day. And now she is ONE ... walking, dancing, and getting everyone's attention. Olivia also became a cousin 3 weeks ago. So not only am I at this party thinking how big Olivia has become in just a short amount of time, I have her twin cousins to compare. The babies were so tiny and helpless, while Olivia was walking around and being the star of the show. So much changes in just 1 year!

Tyler and I are in week 17. The baby is the size of a female hand (or a sweet potato) and weighs 5 ounces. I turn my hand over each day thinking that there is a baby inside of me that is the same size. Crazy! And then I am reminded how fast time flies by again. Just a few weeks ago our baby was the size of small fruit and now the books are comparing it to human hands and veggies.

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