Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Growing Up Fast

So I guess the baby is now about -5 months old, and oh has it changed dramatically. It has set world records in the following categories:
  • Tallest child by Tyler & Courtney Faison
  • Heaviest child by Tyler & Courtney Faison
  • Longest toes by any child...ever
This was my first trip in the sonogram room since the very first confirmation of a heartbeat. Based on my lone previous experience, I wasn't expecting to see much, or at least know what I was looking at, but I was blown away. We were able to clearly see legs, arms, toes, rib cage, big brain matter, . I think the weirdest part was watching it literally suck a thumb. I know we're supposed to be good parents, but how do you stop bad habits from developing before the kid is even developed!? I guess that's just one of those questions that'll just have to go unanswered. It also yawned several times, which I'm to assume is from all the moving around. I'm guessing that it's camera shy, cause it didn't want seem too interested in getting its picture taken.

I think the coolest part of the whole experience was for me to be able to see what Courtney is feeling. She'll always say, "Ohh, I think it kicked!" and I'm just like, "Whatever. It's all in your mind." Now that I've seen it frolic about in the field that is her belly, I believe her. So if we got anything out of the trip, it's validation that Courtney isn't making up all of this stuff after all.

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