Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday Funday

Napkin turned Bunny a la Martha Stewart
Easter has come and gone, and it was definitely a lot of fun.  Courtney was busy cooking up her Grandma's special glazed ham and my Mom's delectable Chocolate Cheesecake.  And of course no meal is complete without an appetizer.  This Sunday's special was a cheesy-crab dip that I'm sure has a real name.  I got to set the table up for this Pagan-inspired holiday, and went with the classic Little Bunny Foo Foo napkin theme.  The guys got shut out in a best-of-three series of Washers, but I blame it on Forrest...at least for the first game.  Although I will commend Courtney, as she scored about 80% of all the points through both games.  Lucy even got a playmate for the day when Forrest & Nicole brought Stella over to play.  She always enjoys being with other dogs, but the feeling isn't always reciprocated.  Stella was probably the best small dog Lucy has been around.  She didn't mind that Lucy was literally 10 times her size and they went on for hours.  I'm sure they were both passed out by dusk.  Even though we don't have much family out here in Dallas, we can always count on good friends to enjoy some time together. 

Lucy (top) playing with Stella (bottom)

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