Saturday, June 28, 2008

Near completion

I went to the house today and the house is almost near completion. We have landscaping, a fence, air conditioning, the kitchen sink and carpet. Tyler and I spoke with the builder on Thursday in which we set up a date for our "walk through." We will go through the house noting any problems on Thursday, July 3rd. In the photos you will see a few white spots on the walls because the work men are fixing odd things around the house this week to get it ready for the walk through. The carpet really did change the house and make it look more complete. I can't wait to see how much the appliances help. The first photo has the Honda parked in the driveway and I think my car looks at home. Although I am sure the Honda would have preferred to be parked in the garage since it has never experienced that luxury before. If you look at the above photo you can see that I am standing in the driveway of the newly built house across the street which has a street lamp. I am glad that our house will be near a street lamp because they usually reside on the corners. Enjoy the photos because the next ones will probably involve Tyler and me in front of a SOLD sign on signing day.

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