Thursday, July 3, 2008

Walk Through

Tyler and I had a walk through of the house today with the builder. We went through the house looking for items that needed to be fixed. There was nothing big just minor things like paint touch ups. Luckily, the builder didn't get too bothered by me finding paint drips etc. Tyler thought I was a little too picky but he was the one that pointed out a paint bubble in the linen closet. The builder told us about our warranties and the functionality of items (i.e. air conditioner, sprinklers). I did notice that our appliances were installed and they look fabulous! We didn't take any photos though. The builder told us that he could have all our items fixed by Tuesday and the house would be ready for move in, however our mortgage person doesn't think the paper work can be done that fast. So ... right now we are looking at closing on July 21st. After the walk through, Tyler and I went to downtown Wylie for lunch. It was great to see another side of the city. We live closer to Murphy so that is where we will grocery shop, get gas, etc. but we went more East today towards Wylie. The home cooked meal was a great change from Uptown. The following is a photo of downtown Wylie and we ate at the L&L Cafe on the left for lunch.

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