Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter Is Coming

Ok, ok. I know it's been a while. For that I apologize. To make up for it, I bring you a few gifts in the form of adorable photos of Max & Camille. Aunt Caitlyn has been busy helping take care of Camille while I'm still working on the road. I should know because I get daily updates in the form of the latest cute pose that Camille has learned. Trust me, there are a lot of them! I've had some time here and there to be home, but it's never much and never enough. When I AM home, I try to make the most of it. Sometimes I keep Max out of school so we can hang out and go to the "ice cream store" (I hope Mommy isn't reading this ;-). Coming up on Christmas break will give me a month to be home (as the schedule currently stands), so hopefully I can play catch up as best I can.

Our Thanksgiving break consisted of traveling back to Alabama to see Courtney's family in the Birmingham area and then onward to the Iron Bowl (that was fun) in Tuscaloosa. We decided to take our camper out for it's first real weeklong journey. I gotta say, we all had a blast. It was rather cold weather most of the time, but a few tanks of propane, electric blanket and campfires kept us warm and we had plenty of room to run around with Max and Lucy.

Mille getting closer to standing

It's never too early for roasted marshmellows!

We're ready to work
It's also never too late for roasted marshmellows
These three amigos crack themselves up
Play hard. Sleep hard.
Lucy got in on the action by finding the largest "stick" on the campground
We found some great BBQ in Mississippi on our way back home
Who loves his sister? 
Never a dull moment with MaxMan

Thanksgiving was blast. It was awesome to see some family followed by an incredible Bama game. Always a good time. As soon as we got back though, I had to immediately hit the road for work again. However, the episode we are currently shooting is in College Station, TX and I had a chance to drive back home to see everyone on my off day. It was short lived, but I did manage to capture Mille's teeth that have come in. Just look between those gigantic cheeks!

Smile so we can see those chompers!

Mille loves her some "Aunt CayCay"

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