Friday, December 19, 2014

The Great Christmas Wreath Artist

Max has had quite the career as an amateur artist, particularly in the art form known as "painting." His gallery of masterpieces that adorn the walls of Faison Hall would put the Louvre to shame. Not to be outdone, Camille has taken to the arts to express her inner-Christmas spirit. I present what may possibly be her magnum opus, simply titled Wreath.
Warming up with a painting for a local charity auction (no, not really y'all).

This is the teaser, as we would call it in TV. "Oh my! What's she painting!?"

The artist's tools of the trade

We present for all to enjoy...Wreath. No pictures please.

Maximus (left) with Tree (circa 2012) and Camille (right) with Wreath (2014)

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