Friday, September 12, 2014

It's check-up time!

Camille and Max were up for their appointments early this month. I'm so blessed that each appointment is ended with a good bill of health and on-track development. Originally I was going to do back to back appointments for both kiddos but soon realized the date was also Max's first day of preschool. They didn't have any other back to back appointment so they went different days. Luckily my parents took Camille for me so that I didn't have to manage my work schedule for two appointments across town.

Let's start off with little bit who isn't quite little. Camille is breaking records at her 4 month appointment coming in a whole pound and inch larger than her brother at his 4 month appointment. That's my 90th percentile baby. I just think back to what my doctor said with Max. The percentile at this age is a representation of the mom's health if baby is breastfed. Camille is an eater but not as much as her brother so I know it's just good milk that does her body good and fills her thighs, cheeks, and belly with fat! 
4 month appt:  16 lbs. 6oz  -  25.25 inches

She is one super happy baby and spends her days laughing it up. Her cranky moments are purely to get her way. 

Maximus is officially a big boy even at his doctor's appointments. We now have to stand on the scale for weight check and against the wall for height. Max was not a fan of the shifty surface to check his weight and that panic continued when we had to get him to stand up straight for something to eventually touch his head. I feel that his stats might be a bit off since he was so squeamish and didn't stand with confidence. He is healthy and percentile stats are not as important anymore. Unfortunately I did not get a picture as I was trying to do damage control and prep for the doctors arrival following the scary weight/height check and finger prick. Yeah they told me no shots this visit but I was NOT prepared for a finger prick blood test. Max is in a stage where every part of his body is special and needs ice packs, bandaids, and kisses when even slightly banged. We are also battling the "you cut me" stage where he refuses to have fingernails and hair cut as it's "mine" according to Max. So you can only imagine the joy he got out of seeing this woman steal his blood which is "mine." I was still hearing the "it hurts" whine as we were getting donuts almost an hour later. He did fine with Dr. Sherrod though. 
3 year appt:  36 inches

I can't believe he is 3. A lot of people talk about how great this age is for it's imagination, vocabulary, and innocence. It hasn't even been a month and I'm already loving it!
Max's ice pack he found in the freezer.

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