Friday, August 8, 2014

All hands on deck

It's official ... Caitlyn has arrived in Texas! We survived the time period between June 15 - Aug 1 which is when we leaned on friends and family to help care for Miss Camille until we awaited Caitlyn's arrival. Caitlyn, Tyler's sister, just graduated from college (Yay!) and made the move out west. Until she lands that dream gig, she will watch Cami for us.

My mom ("B") flew out for my first couple weeks back to work. 
Cami was confused by her brother dancing
behind the photographer.
B got some good quality grandkid time.
Then Tyler did the four day week of July 4th. 
This is how I left them in the morning for work.

Apparently, Cami eats meals in Tyler's work space.

Nicole, Cami's godmother, came into town from Alabama for a week. 
Ms. Forrest (Max's name for him) singing to Cami
Learning how to play golf

Lastly, my cousin Toni from New York flew in to finish off the remaining weeks. She was a trooper since she arrived in the early morning and we basically threw her a baby with post-it notes all over my house. 
We made our way to the zoo one Saturday

We are so blessed that people wanted to come out here and help in the transition. It was best for our family that our littlest one get that same love and devotion that Max got in his early months. All and all it was a parade of the best eats in Dallas. Pretty sure I gained 10 lbs but it was all worth it to spend time with all the people mentioned above. So thanks again and I'm sure Camille has changed significantly since you were here last; she seems to be growing at a rapid pace these days. 

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