Monday, September 22, 2014

Look ... It's Alabama

The statement we heard all weekend was "Look, it's Alabama" every time Max saw a script A this weekend. You can imagine how many University of Alabama items we saw in Tuscaloosa for the Florida vs Alabama football game. We had a blast showing the kids campus and getting to watch a game.

We started the drive on Friday arriving into Tuscaloosa at 6:45pm. Luckily Ryan and Matt were already in town and able to grab a large table on the patio of Phil's where we met them for dinner and a few beers. The kids were at a breaking point and needed out of the car so being outside and in the middle of all the action (on the strip people watching) was just what we all needed. 
Mommy and Cami hanging at Phil's
Following a quick meal, we took the kids back to the hotel and went to bed. Adam joined us in the wee hours of the morning following his shift so he could be in Tuscaloosa when the kids woke up. I don't think Adam planned on the 7am wake up call though. After breakfast, we all headed to campus for some Gameday action. It was HOT, very HOT, so we made our way to somewhere air conditioned for lunch which turned out to be Zoey's in the stadium. Cami found it to be perfect spot for a nap. It was getting closer to kickoff so we met Melissa and Lester at Denny Chimes and watched the band warm up. Cami perked up for the band and started to give her signature giggle and smile which had been absent given the heat. 
Napping in the A/C
After lunch under the stadium
Photo by Max: I spot Mille
Photo by Max: At the stadium
On the Quad for Pregame Fun
Tyler and I walked the kids back to the car so Melissa and Lester could take them back to the hotel, then headed to the stadium for kick-off. 
Walking to the car with Melissa & Lester
Kickoff Time - Did I mention it was hot?
We ended the weekend with a visit to see Laura, Robert, and Mark for
Sunday breakfast. The end of the trip was exhausting for the whole family but we made it home. 
Daddy, Cami, and Max

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