Thursday, April 12, 2012

Out of Town: Day 2

I started a new show yesterday for MTV and the only problem is that it's nationwide travel. Of course it's a great opportunity and should be a worthwhile project that I wouldn't mind putting my name on, but the other side of it is that I will be away from home for about 15 weeks. Fortunately, we will return home for a break a couple times during that period. We'll be in a new city about every 4 days, so it's a lot of time spent on planes and in airports. Even though I'm floating on a seat in space, I'm still able to have some face time with Max. However many hundreds or thousands of miles away from Courtney, Max, and Lucy I am, it's nice to know that I'm only a couple buttons away from seeing them. Here are a
couple screen grabs from our FaceTime conversation while I was on the plane today, probably over Colorado or Kansas.

Location:28th St SE,Grand Rapids,United States

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