Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our recent experiences

Max is at a great stage in life.  It maybe my favorite (at least thus far).  He is just so curious, partially stationary, and babbles.  It is great to be able to sit him down and watch his little mind work.  His personality keeps me entertained that is for sure.  He can laugh perfectly on cue and knows how to get my attention.  For instance, yesterday we were outside with Lucy and I told Lucy "no" when she tried to pick up a rock.  Max laughed at that exact moment when I told Lucy "no".  It is as if he likes seeing his big sister get into trouble.  I thought what an awesome coincidence but when Max laughed at the exact moment Lucy squatted for a poop, then I knew that he is fully aware of what is going on.   Our little man is a comedian just like his daddy.  But then again he is a Tyler-mini-me, so I should expect nothing less.

Max has loads of new tricks.   One is his fake cough, he likes how it sounds.  He also clapped his hands for the first time this past Thursday.  He was so proud of himself and I was so lucky that I witnessed it and got it on camera for Tyler.  I am loving every moment with him even if I am not accomplishing much.  I am having a hard time putting him down during naps because he loves mommy snuggle time on the weekends. He loves to sleep in your arms and we happily hold him.  

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