Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Halloween (a little late - I know)

Ever since we moved into the suburbs we have to make sure that we are home on Halloween for all the kiddos.  The first year I was super excited when the doorbell rang and I bought the expensive candy.  The next year we had Lucy so I spent time dreading when the doorbell rang because that meant I had to wrestle her back.  Lucy tends to scare some kids with her bark and size.  I don't know why they wouldn't love a 90+ pound dog pouncing out the door at full speed.  This year I had excitement all over again.  Max didn't go out trick or treating but did answer the door a few times in his costume.  Newborn costumes are so girly but luckily my mom and I found this one ... and it glowed in the dark.  We also wanted a costume that he could wear his skull booties that my mom had made while she was in Montana.  Max spent the night confused that the doorbell kept ringing, Lucy was non-stop running/barking, and everyone seemed to want to take pictures.     
Check it out .. I glow in the dark.

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