Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 months - what a ride

Yesterday Max turned 2 months old and what a ride it has been.  The delivery room seems like such a distant memory.  Max has evolved into a little chatter box and it is hard for me to imagine our lives without his coos.

Max talking to his daddy.

We had our 2 month doctor appointment yesterday.  I am sure it is not the way Max envisioned his mini b'day ... being at the doctor's office getting immunization shots.  He has been a little fussy and hopefully will return to his cheerful self soon. 

Weight:  11.14 lbs 
Height:   23 1/2 in. 

The doctor concluded that Max is going to have to wear sunscreen even with a full moon.  Yes, our poor ginger takes pale to a new spectrum.  Most redheads have freckles to provide them a little color and Max hasn't developed his yet.  In due time.   

Resting at the TX State Fair.
We have been busy around the Faison house since I started back to work. MiMi and Papa Faison were here last week and Grandma B showed up last night for a 2 week visit.  We are blessed that starting on November 7th our friend Nicole will be looking after Max for his first year.  We know that Max and Lucy will have the best care in the comforts of our own home.  Going back to work has been rewarding.  I have to admit that my brain was going to mush from not using it M-F.  There is no analytical thinking or number crunching when it comes to taking care of a baby ... unless you are trying to keep track of feedings. 

The weather has drastically changed in Dallas for the better!  We got to break out Max's pants and footed pj's this past week.  From the photo I think you can tell he enjoys wearing pants ... they make him feel like a man.  Our observant child must have paid too much attention to his father.  Hopefully, the weather will be great on Monday as well for all the tricker-treaters that come to meet Max at the door.

Stay tuned for Halloween photos.

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