Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A road trip doesn't have quite the same ring as it once did it college. Sure, jumping in the car with two roommates with few plans and even fewer responsibilities is fun. Why wouldn't it be? But when you take the guys out of the equation and add a wife, baby, and a newborn, it's a whole different road trip. Not really in a bad way, just a different kind of fun. For instance, instead of picking up a guy on the interstate and taking him back to his house to get a tire iron is no longer an option...mainly because we have no room, but also because we spend our downtime looking for large areas of grass with no cars around and dog-friendly hotels. If we aren't driving, we are sleeping. If we aren't sleeping, we are trying to soothe Max. If we aren't trying to soothe Max, we're giving Lucy some leftover love. You get the picture.

We are on our way to Bruce, MS to visit my Mee Maw, Aunt Donna, Aunt Angie, and my cousin Chris. We had a chance to FaceTime with Angie and Mee Maw a couple weeks ago, but obviously it's a little different in person. After an overnight stay there, we'll head down to Daphne to see both of our immediate families. My Dad and I are going up to the Bama-Arkansas game on Saturday, where the Razorbacks will be thoroughly dismantled without regard, and we'll have Max's baptism at Courtney's home church on Sunday. We'll stay for a few more days before we make our trek to Jacksonville, FL to visit Courtney's sister and her husband, Ryan and Rebecca, as well as head down to Gainesville for the Bama-Florida, where another SEC for will incur the wrath of Coach Saban and his minions. Eventually we'll make it back to Dallas sometime that week, probably around October 5thish (However, if any thieves are reading this, we are actually at home, fully armed). So basically two weeks away will give us a chance to get away without really getting away at all. I mean c'mon, who wouldn't want this?

Location:Grenada, MS

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