Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clean baby = photo shoot

Max got a real bath today like a big boy infant.   He enjoyed the water in the beginning and then there was a change of heart, so there was a little screaming.
"I'm a little worried these fools don't know what they are doing."
Lucky for us the tantrums ended when he got all warm in his towel and had a little snuggle time with mommy.  
"Hi Daddy, what's up?"
After we were all clean it was time for us to finally take those newborn photos.  The photo shoot took a LONG time with multiple feedings to help soothe, constant clean up of baby poo, and a constant battle of inserting/removing the pacifier.  But ... we got it done.  

This one didn't make the cut but I just
 loved his facial expression.
Lucy guarding the nursery during the photo shoot.
Sorry for not posting.  We will try to update every other day with photos and quick tid-bits for everyone.  We know how much Max is changing and that photos need to be shared.


  1. Lucy looks like she has settled into her position as Big Sister. How does she handle the crying?
    Pam Worshum

  2. Judging from the photos, your dog looks like she needs a therapist!


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