Friday, February 4, 2011

Visit to the doc #2

Last week we had our second appointment with the OBGYN. Nothing exciting but blood tests, checking weight and blood pressure, discussing tummy issues, and more importantly hearing the baby's heart beat on the Doppler. I was super excited to hear that heart beat again. When the nurse put the Doppler on my belly all she could hear was my tummy gurgling. She reassured me that after 20 years of listening she did hear the baby move but wanted me to hear the heartbeat for myself. She ordered a sonogram. So after all my complaining about my tummy issues, I finally got something positive out of it ... an unexpected additional view of our baby.
The above photo is the best out of the 4 since our little rockstar spent the entire session moving about and waving its little arms. All the photos were a blur. But I will take a blurry photo any day just to look up onto that screen and see our baby dancing around in my tummy. He/She measured in at just under 2 inches. It is crazy to see the transformation that has taken place in just one month between our December 29th photo and January 27th. Our baby has developed so much and the cluster of white spots is their facial bones and if you look close enough you can see the left arm bent (elbow facing northeast) towards the face with his/her hand in a fist near its cheek.


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