Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 stripes on stick = Baby

In December 2010, we found out that we will be expecting a little one in early August 2011. We did what every non-planning adult does when they count the number of stripes on a pee stick, freak out a bit. Okay, so it was Courtney that panicked while Tyler seemed thrilled! After a quick trip to Barnes & Noble to stock up on literature and to Target for vitamins, the panic subsided. We are going to be parents! The realization really set in when we went to the doctors office together on December 29th to see our little raspberry (1/2 inch). It didn't look like much but it had a strong heartbeat and it was official. The next month would definitely be a journey. Courtney learned that morning sickness was at all hours of the day not just in the morning. Tyler learned that when Courtney woke up and wanted/needed grits that he better get out of the bed pronto. The baby was already affecting our sleep patterns. Courtney was going to bed at 9pm most nights. The pregnant lady had only 2 things that she had to stay clear from for a 2 week span and that was the seafood market at the grocery store and peppermint. Needless to say, Tyler went out and bought Princess bubblegum toothpaste.

We are now in our 12th week and Courtney has slowly started to gain her energy back. She now makes it to 10:30pm before hitting the sack. Our hopes are to update the blog at least twice a month to keep everyone updated with our journey.

The new parents-to-be


  1. Congratulations! I didn't know you had a blog but now it's on my list to check!

  2. Well as you can tell, our blog hasn't been updated since we moved into our house in the fall of 2008. But now we have another reason to update it.


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