Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Saturday morning snuggles

There is one thing that was a must for me and my family and that was a king size bed. I have lots of fond memories of piling into my parents bed on Saturday mornings that I had this grand vision that it would be the same for me too. And it is!

I actually tuck Max into bed on Friday letting him know that we don't have school the next day and he gets to watch cartoons in bed with us in the morning. He generally giggles in excitement then starts demanding his breakfast choices (that kid has always loved breakfast). As a parent I now know why the kids come piling in as it is hard to wake up early on the weekends when your child wakes up at the crack of dawn. It gives mommy and daddy just a few more minutes of time before we have to set our feet on the floor moving. 

These days it's not just Max who joins in the cartoon fun. Camille wants to be a part of the fun too.
Bad photos but you get the visual ... its sibling love

Lucky for us Camille loves the same shows as her big brother (for the time being) but there is a fight over the actual iPad from time to time. 

"No Mille, I got George coming up.  See ..."

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