Thursday, January 22, 2015

9 months, baby!

Camille - 9 months
The baby of the family is 9 months old!  She is one handsy, curious, and vocal little girl that still has her brothers reservations at times. Camille can grab at items so quick that I basically put her in a bubble when we eat because if she gets a hand on it then it's officially bath time. The girl loves to eat but more importantly she loves to feel. She (like her brother) is very tactile.

Camille has been crawling for a good month now. She isn't into hyper speeds like her brother was when he was crawling. Primarily because she is trying to bypass learning how to crawl efficiently so she can walk. Camille loves to pull up onto something and side step. She isn't capable of letting go just yet due to her leg strength/balance but the girl tries daily. We also are dealing with some dry skin which is no fun when crawling on carpet. Little Mille has red knees all the way to the tops of her feet.  Don't let the video below fool you on her walking skills.  She was doing her curious walk with Aunt CayCay and since her brother was at school she could do it at leisure.  When the whole family is home, Camille crawls to her walker, walks to her destination, then transfers to the object she wants to stand next to (or the person to which she wants to play with).

Lucky girl had her visit to the pediatrician with no shots this visit. She is on course developmentally and her lungs have recovered from a case of bronchiolitis she picked up after thanksgiving. 
Eating her stat card from the doctor.
Height:  28 1/4 inches
Weight:  19.7 lbs
Always a blur/in motion aka Curious Cami

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