Thursday, April 17, 2014

Camille's D-Day

After everyone's predictions of when Camille would arrive, she finally came at 41 weeks and 1 day.  I got the "holy crap, I'm in labor" experience that I wanted since Max was induced, and then some.  The following is a timeline of what went down in the 48 hours before her birth.
  • On Monday, Tyler & I went to see the chiropractor again to make sure that Camille was ready and engaged.  She was in proper position and the chiropractor indicated that it would just be a waiting game.  My doula was also present at the appointment so it was good news heard all around.  I cried on the table with excitement that not all my babies would be OP (facing sunny side up) like Max which caused for the induction and forceps.  I went home, took a walk, and waited for my doctor's appointment the next day at 41 weeks.     
  • On Tuesday, we went to visit Dr. Gunby who said we were still not showing any progress and that we would need to schedule an induction date at the hospital before 42 weeks.  It was all set for me to come in on Easter Sunday night to start the process and plan for a delivery on Monday, April 21st but Camille had plans of her own just as the clock rolled passed midnight.
  • On Wednesday, the progression of labor was tracked thanks to my my handy iPhone stopwatch and the L&D nurses.
    • 12:12am - Awoke with the first contraction
    • 2:15am - Called my doula who indicated she was actually on her way to the hospital with another momma and to see if my contractions slowed down after a warm 30 minute bath
    • 3:00am - Woke up Tyler after my contractions actually got faster while in the bath at 4 minutes apart
    • 4:36am - After the most painful 30 minute car ride of my life, we arrived at the hospital and got examined.  I was 4cm and not in the best of spirits thinking that we were going to be at this for a long time (but little did I know).
    •  5:58am - Contractions were close together and very painful which led to me telling Tyler that I didn't think I could go natural.  As I was doubting my capabilities, my water broke and they examined me again.  We were 8cm and I was given hope that maybe I could do this but before I could even process that thought we were 10cm just 11 minutes later.
    • 6:19am - Pushing 
    • 6:27am - Camille entered this world naturally and at her own pace (super fast and efficient like her momma)

It's now Thursday night and we are all three still at the hospital awaiting some lab tests until we can be discharged. Max came by with my parents to visit us today and really wanted to hold Camille. We are sure he now knows exactly what we're getting him into. Stay tuned for more pics and updates.

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