Monday, March 10, 2014

Celebrating Camille

As I (and ultimately Camille) sit here eating leftover strawberry baby shower cake, I am reminded how blessed we are to have such caring people in our lives. See all the photos below from my work baby shower and you will see how much effort, love, and thought went into celebrating baby #2 that will be here in a month ... 1 month, agh!!!
Pink Elephants to match the theme of the nursery.

The table is set for all the ladies of the office

After playing the clothespin game (no saying "b-a-b-y"), we enjoyed a feast of quiche and my favorite spinach salad. These girls know me! They also had decaf tea knowing I get my one cup of caffeine in the morning. Have I mentioned that they know me?! We topped it all off with pink strawberry cake, pink rice Krispy treats, and pink cake cookies (a cookie I grew up eating made from a cake mix and cream cheese). 

See that basket above, it was filled (and by filled, I mean chock full) of baby girl clothes. What does a mom need for baby #2 which is a girl, you ask? CLOTHES! Again I can't say it enough, these girls know me. 

All of the clothes were grouped in tule and labeled.

Thank you Brownlie & Braden / Cotton Creek Capital for the best shower a mom could ask for with great fellowship and lots of goodies. I felt so special and loved every second. 

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