Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th

July 4th was a day of firsts.  I'm not going to lie ... I got teary-eyed at every event.  I'm just one proud momma and feel that we are in the beginning stages of just more awesome stuff to come.

On July 4th, I made a promise to Max to not run any errands on our holiday.  We started the morning off going to Max's first parade.
In the shade waiting for the parade
He was so excited the day just couldn't be any more perfect.  We sat under the tree lined streets in the shade surrounded by families.  Max did what he does best, people watch.  Since this parade was in the wealthiest parts of Dallas, the people watching wasn't too entertaining (at least to me).
There was even a petting zoo.  Max loved the bunnies.
Max took a nap on the way home and I made lunch.  When he woke up we got dressed and went to the pool.  Last week, Max showed signs of wanting to swim versus being just held in the pool so I purchased him some floaties at Target.  It was the perfect day to try the floaties out in case I needed to buy something different before our trip to Alabama soon.  As you can see in the video below, Max took to the water with a new found freedom.  No more baby stuff (i.e. mom holding him on her hip) for our kid.  Max swimming ... first #2

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