Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Gifts and a little more

Our house has been a little chaotic recently. Tyler came home a couple weeks ago unexpectedly which was a nice surprise especially since he was home for Father's Day. And when Daddy comes home it is all play. Our daily rhythm / schedule was thrown out the window. Max and I are still trying to adjust. It's also hard to have him here for more than just a weekend and then have him leave. Still not used to it. 

Since I've failed to post any pics or stories recently, I thought it was finally time to blog. For Mother's Day I received a one of a kind masterpiece, a necklace of my favorite Max artwork. It still makes me smile every time I see it. So glad I have the necklace which might outlive the cheap construction paper the real chicken is on. 

For Father's Day I had been a little sneaky. Tyler had dropped off his bike to get repaired and I went to pick it up for him (without him knowing) and purchased a cart for Max. Our neighborhood pool and playgrounds are a short 1/3 mile however Tyler said the trek is just too far for walking. ;) So I fixed it.
Max has been kicking up his vocabulary skills a notch and everyday there are multiple new words. It's about time! The kid still won't speak in front of strangers but Mr.Chatty can't hold it back when riding in the car with just mommy. I treasure those moments and wish I could bottle up his voice forever. There is something about his voice that warms my heart. I can't get videos of Max talking because he puts up the wall. I've got to have Tyler rig up the car with mics so we can capture it. You would hear "looook" which is super drawn out and makes me smile every time I hear his twang. I ask him questions about his day where he proceeds to say "yeah" and "NO". For how long he draws out "look" you would be shocked how quick he can yell out "no". He has his "I did it" and "all done" mastered. We have been working on our manners where Max says "peas" (in place of please).  Thank you is still foreign. But one day he will do it just like this morning where I set him down from his changing table and ran off screaming "school!" That was our new word of the day. Can't wait to see what he says tomorrow ...

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