Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swim, Swam, Slept

On Memorial Day we went across the street to our neighbors pool.  It was a perfect first swim for Mr. Max.  The pool wasn't crowded, weather was perfect, and the water was heated just to help take the initial cold away.  As our pediatrician says, "Max is the fairest in the land and needs sun protection from a full moon."  So I made sure that our little man was properly covered for our day at the pool.  Luckily Max enjoyed the water so much that he ignored the hat and layers of sunscreen I put on him.  Tyler was home for the weekend and was able to experience such a big moment in Max's life.    

Come on Mom, it is a holiday ...
plus Daddy said it was okay

 It was a great time catching up with our neighbors who have two young daughters (5 & 3) who were little fishes in the water.  I can only dream for Max to be swimming that well.  I grew up swimming at my uncle's pool just 2 doors down and I consider myself a good swimmer early on without all those fancy smancy swimming lessons.  Tyler said he learned by his dad throwing him into the Lake Forest pool but I am guessing that probably wasn't the case.

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