Friday, June 22, 2012

Away from home

I am currently in flight to California to see the Crawfords. Yes, this is Courtney not Tyler who is leaving home. This will be my first time to be in a different state than Mr. Max. I'm trying to not focus on it and by not focusing on it ... I mean looking through all his photos from birth to now.

Wow, has that little man grown!

My impromptu trip to Monterey is short lived (2.5 days) but I hope I can be of some help to Robert and Laura as they prepare for the arrival of Mark. It is crazy to think that I used to be this big last June ...

Wow, how things change!

I tell you that I am not having any belly envy of Laura and Rebecca who are both in their 9th month. I am comfortably slouched in my chair and looking forward to grabbing some sleep on my next flight (LAX to Monterey).

One thing I do miss is always having a little one to make time fly. When pregnant, you focused on finding a restroom every 20ft, keeping food nearby, drinking enough fluids, ect. With Max, well he has his needs and a way of always making me smile.

Time flies with him. I wish he was here now to distract me cause this flight keeps dragging on.

We have now begun the decent. I'm going to shut the iPad and enjoy the view out my window. It isn't every day a girl from the south sees desert mountains. :)

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