Friday, December 16, 2011


Lucy and myself did our motherly duties tonight. Lucy snuggled up with daddy (her baby) and I took care of Max. This was my first night of "cry it out." I knew I would never leave the room to let him cry it out alone but I also didn't want to keep picking him up and gaining bad habits. So while Max cried in his big boy crib I was across the nursery reading our blog out loud on the iPad. I thought the comfort of my voice would calm him and the boringness of our blog would put him to sleep. Wrong! Max was not going down without a fight which reminded me of his entry into this world. He pulled all his tricks but a new one got me straight in the heart. He reached his little chubby hand out of the crib slates towards me. "Aghh, stay strong Courtney" is what I was saying over and over.

But here I am blogging in my own bed next to my sleeping husband and dog saying (probably prematurely) that Max is asleep. I will have to update this tomorrow with how many trips I have to make tonight. Wish me luck!

Update: overall it was a successful night. He woke up for his feedings and went to sleep in my arms then I successfully transferred him to the crib. That is where we normally have issues because sleeping in your arms is apparently way better than the crib. We moved him down to our room at 6 because he was awake and I wanted him close by. But he made mommy super proud and went back to bed till 8:30. Lucky us! Hoping tonight is just as good.

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