Monday, July 18, 2011

A mobile for Max

I couldn't seem to make up my mind when it came to a mobile for the nursery. The nursery doesn't really have a theme so it wasn't the easiest decision. After hours of searching online, I finally saw a really cute pinwheel mobile on Etsy and was inspired to make it myself. Here are some photos of the finished product:

Making the mobile was quite simple once you gather all the supplies at your local craft store. In all honesty, the hardest part was picking out the paper. I went with the black and white theme since all the books say that babies can't resist being mesmerized by the contrasting colors. And if I am going to go through all the trouble of making a mobile then Max better be mesmerized. ;)

First, you cut the scrapbook paper into 6x6 squares. The one and only Martha Stewart makes this awesome paper cutter that makes your life ten times easier if you are willing to shell out the $20.

Then you take every other corner and put a tiny hole in it, along with a hole in the middle.You connect the holes with a brad and push it in the middle.

Then you have your finished product. A pinwheel.

The last stage is to attach the pinwheels to the wire mobile with monofilament. My husband hooked me up with a c-stand that is used for lights on the film set. This allowed me to sit and view my project while I worked. Thanks babe!

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