Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grillin' Like A Villain

Part of our back patio are includes an "outdoor kitchen". Basically it's just a grill and countertop bar area. We've scoured the Great State of Texas to find the perfect grill for us, and I think we found it.

The Texas Two-Step is half infrared and half traditional. Our version operates on LP, and both burners use the same amount of energy. The ceramic burner gets super hot, up to 1600°F in fact, so you can sear the meat to keep the juices in and then cook evenly. Allegedly all the high-end steak houses have this technology, and as of today, so do we. It arrived and will be installed during the construction process late next week. Updated photos of the concrete patio to come shortly.

Location:Crabapple Dr,Wylie,United States

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