Friday, May 2, 2008

Super High-Tech Advanced Wonder House (almost)

I went out yesterday and grabbed a bunch of photos. So many photos that I'm not going to post them in this blog, but here you can find them all. In this album, you will find pretty much every picture we've taken having anything to do with the house. A lot of what I took yesterday was for documentary and informational purposes. Now that all the plumbing, electric, and low voltage communication lines are run, it will make it super easy [crossing fingers] for me to go in and wire everything for surround sound and TiVo. That'll be sometime early next week once I get the configuration figured out, but before my pre-drywall meeting with Andy on Wednesday. I left this past visit feeling very satisfied in the quality of the house, which is the subject of today's blog. One of the things that's standard in our house is this little product called Tubes-In-The-Wall. It's basically a system that allows a pest control service to come once every 6 months and inject a pest-deterrent chemical from the outside of the house into these small tubes you see here that are built into the walls. It's a pretty crafty idea and it's kinda nice to know that people think of these things beforehand. Why wouldn't any consumer want it (it comes free for the first 6 months)? You can see it here to the right. It's the tiny blue and green tubes that are within two feet of the slab. I'm guessing that the two different tube colors correspond to different chemicals. We also get the next "in-thing" in the plumbing industry. It's these color coded flexible plastic pipes for running water lines that are used in place of copper. It kinda makes more sense, which would be a good reason for them to switch. For one, the cost of metal, especially copper, is the only thing more ridiculous than gas. And two, these are flexible, so you/they don't have to solder elbows together or make level holes to run pipes through. Just unravel from the reel of pipe and shove it through. It makes them more efficient which would, theoretically, save us money. Plus they come in sweet colors like blue and red. We first saw them on Holmes on Homes and thought they were the coolest thing, next only to Tubes-In-The-Wall of course. So these are just a few more reasons to feel good about the new home build decision over an existing home. No home built over a few years ago would've had these features. Granted, it's not saving me any labor or anything like that right now, but these PVC pipes are way less I'm happy. You can see all the inner workings of this super high-tech advanced wonder house in our album.

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