Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brickwork, check. Drywall, almost check.

And so now the biggest update, in my eyes, so far. The masons have finished the brick and stone work on the outside of the house. All that's left for them is the fireplace, which obviously comes sometime down the line. It's all detailed and everything's in place for the next step to take place...the drywall. And they're actually almost done. It's all hung and they've got another day or two to finish it out. With this in place, I was finally able to see exactly how everything is going to come together with the few minor changes we made, like taking out the standard bench seating and the half-wall upstairs instead of a railing, as well as the niche above the fireplace that is larger than normal (not our request, but we like it). The garage doors are in and the whole house is definitely looking like what we ordered. Never seeing the brick and stone with our mortar choice on any other house made us second guess ourselves a few times after driving by some other houses and saying, "Hey, is that our brick and stone with our mortar? That's ugly!" Thankfully, I don't believe they were. Others were laid out all funky anyway. Seeing our choices come to life on the outside is very satisfying. They are good choices, at least to us, and blend in well with our neighbors, but still allow us to not be just another cookie cutter. You can view the full, updated album here, now with captions to explain things! Also, some good news: it appears as though the guys are ahead of schedule and we may be in earlier than we thought, which is good. We'll keep ya updated.

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  1. Wow, the house looks great guys! It seems like it'll be finished before August. But then again, I've never built a house before. So there's probably more to it than I know. Can't wait to make it out that way when it's finished.


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