Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daddy and Maximus

We had a fun filled Labor Day weekend. We started the holiday off right by eating a chocolate chip cookie in the car. Max spotted it and I didn't fight him for once.  He was so darn happy and cute eating it that the mess was worth it. 

On Sunday, Max and Daddy enjoyed a morning shower together which later resulted in my little baby looking like a boy. Max kept showing me that he looked like Daddy or maybe he was just trying to point out that Dad put his towel on wrong. Either way, they look pretty darn cute ...

I swear I was around this weekend but was never captured on camera. But sometimes a mom just needs to get pictures of her boy learning to be a man from the best man I know. Here they are distracted at our lunch spot. What is it with boys and video games?!

We closed our Labor Day with a great meal on the water of Lake Lavon in Wylie.  Max was trying to feed the fishes all of our dinner so Tyler was trying to be the distractor. He did a good job of it. 

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