Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trip back to the motherland (Alabama)

I know this post is coming almost a month late but here are a few photos from our trip back to Alabama. It was a full 5 days of family, family, and more family.

We started our trip off right by going to our favorite breakfast spot in Dallas on our way to the airport. Max was happy to have Daddy joining us because the last few times to Benedict's it has been just been mommy.

Then we got on a plane and made a scene when we efficiently got Max from point A to point B. A stewardess even took his picture saying it was a first. 

We went swimming ...

And hung out with cousins ...

Showed off our love of bowling (especially the hand dryer). 

Went to the pier and got up close and personally with some fish. 

The trip was jam packed and there are so many videos that these photos just don't do it justice. 

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