Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Everyday Should Be Zooday!

I was able to have a couple days off in Dallas over the Memorial Day weekend, so we decided that It would be a great time to take Max to the zoo. He has been extra interested in animals recently because of several books he "reads" every night, as well as many of his toys. He mostly loves dogs and trucks/tractors, but in his eyes every creature that isn't a human is a dog...and sometimes a "Looshee," as he calls his big sister. He was extremely excited from the moment we passed the entrance with the life-sized giraffe statue. As we walked from our car to the entrance, he pointed out one "dog" in the form of a pigeon and another in the form of a squirrel.

Things heated up when we actually made it inside the zoo, only to find a giant picture of a wild beast in an advertisement poster. That's how we knew we made the right decision. There were a lot of ups and downs throughout the day. He would get pretty excited and overjoyed at statues and pictures and a little cautious with the real deal. I think his favorite part was the tunnel that led to the "Giants of the Safari" where there was music and lots and lots of pictures of animals. However, the highlight for all of us has to be Max actually feeding the [real] giraffe. Check out some pictures below. 

He went straight for a "Looshee"

On the prowl for some big game!

This giraffe ate right from our hands. Max was AWESOME!

Future Emperor

Watching Mr. Lion take a nap up close

Roll Tide!

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